Club league

The 2024 league is based on your 10 best ranking results from the club segments and club races, your best parkrun ranking, bonus points for representing the club in local races and additional volunteer points for helping with the club events.

Total =  10 best Segment/Race points  + Parkrun ranking + Club points  +  Volunteer points

The segments are detailed below and linked to strava / garmin connect.

The races are:

  • Derby 10k
  • Carsington Half Marathon
  • Carsington 10k
  • Black Rocks Fell Race
  • Brassington Hill Race
  • Bonsall Fell Race
  • Whitworth Thread 5k
  • BDL Races: 5 Summer Trail
  • 2 Winter XC

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How it works

Your top 10 scores from segments and/or races will form the main body of the league:

· There are 12 Strava segments that can be used in the club league for 2024. These courses may be run at any time from now until November 30th. You can run them whenever you like and as many times as you like to achieve your best time. The number of points available is 15 unless more than 15 people submit a time and then the number of submissions becomes the top score. So, for example, if 16 Wirksworth members run the segment, the winner gets 16 points, 2nd place gets 15, and so on down to 1 point.

When you complete a segment, please submit your time using the submission form, with a link to your GPS tracking if available. If you do not find your name on the drop-down menu here, you will need to instead email Helen Elliff , who will make sure your time is registered and then sort you out a handicap so that your name will be there for future segments. Note that you do not have to be on Strava to take part in the club league.

· The above list of races can be used in the club league. Once the races have been run the official results will provide times that will be inputted into the club league and you will not have to submit these times yourself but you will have to email or message Helen to advise that you took part so we don’t miss anyone’s points. Again, the maximum point scored will be 15 unless more than 15 club members take part.

o Any race in which 5 or more WRC members take part can be retrospectively added to the club league as long as a race report is written and a club team photo provided to the website. Again please email Helen to let her know that the report and photo have been submitted so the race can be included.


· Parkrun points will need to be submitted using the submission form above.

· Representing the Club points for Belper River Relays and the BDL will be inputted after the event.

· Volunteer points will be inputted after each WRC event.


The club league finishes on 30th November 2024.


WRC TT Cromford
WRC TT Carsington
Incline Triple Whammy
Railway to Summit
Hill Start Bell Curve
Cromford Canal 5km
Rachel's Rocks
Carsington Loop
One Mile Challenge
Kate's Canter

Distance  7.99km

Terrain Flat, pavements

Start/finish Cromford traffic lights… 

Start at the pedestrian crossing at Cromford Traffic Lights. Run on the pavement of the A6 to Matlock and turn right onto Olde Englishe Road. Follow the path over the bridge into the park. Turn left straight after the bridge and run on the path alongside the river to the road. Go left, over the bridge, left onto the A6 and then follow the pavement back to Cromford.

Distance  7.84km

Terrain Mainly flat, trail

Start/finish Exit of Sheepwash car park just before the small bridge 

Simple out-and-back. Follow the trail all the way, including following the path to the visitor centre, turning right at the visitor centre doors up to the main car park and then left past the playground.

The turnaround is to run round the last bench along the dam wall section, just before you draw level with the water station in the lake.   

A couple of times before you reach the visitor centre on the way out, the trail splits into two paths.  On both occasions, take the shortest path, nearest the lake. 

On the way back, at about 7.3km, there is a V-split in the trail that you don’t notice on the way out.  It’s just before you get to the bird watching tower on the way back.  You need to stay right here to avoid going the wrong side of the hedge and ending up at the road entrance to Sheepwash car park.

Distance  6.53 km

Terrain uphill all the way, trail

Start High Peak Junction

Finish the gate at the top of the Hopton Incline

Simple out on the High Peak Trail (HPT).  Roll your way back down.

Distance  1.2 km 

Terrain Hilly, trail 

Start Railway Crossing on Gorsey Bank 

Finish The last bench, before you reach the Severn Trent sign, on Breamfield Lane

The route starts at the Gorsey Bank railway crossing. Head up the road for 50 metres and turn left onto Griggs Gardens. After 50 metres turn right onto the obvious track.

Follow the tack, past the horses, up the narrow track and out into the field at the top. (NB the wide track veers right to a house, but keep going straight up the field)

Go through the gate on the left, follow the path right for 10 metres and then through either the concrete pillars or the style (pick your own adventure!). Turn left heading up the gravel track.

Keep heading up the track, ignoring the footpath off to the right.

At the top of the track, turn right onto St Helen’s Lane. ***There maybe traffic on the route from this point onwards***

Keep heading up St Helen’s Lane until you reach the switch back. Turn left towards Breamfield, and mentally prepare yourself for the final push up the hill!

Follow Breamfield Lane, and keep going past the viewing spot, and follow the bend round to the right.

FINISH The segment finishes at the last bench, before you reach the Severn Trent sign.

Distance  6.33km 

Terrain Hilly, trails and fields 

Start On road opposite Old Lane car park 

Finish Where Old Lane meets the run out from the start 

This segment was designed by Wirksworth’s Emma Roberts.

This route is quite complicated so the club will run this route as soon as light permits on a Wednesday club run and as a fartlek run on Monday 7th June.  Please also ask Emma or another club member for help if you want to have a go at it.  Quite a few of us know this route now and we’d be more than willing to run it with you, just ask!

The GPX file above should be able to be added to your sports watch to guide you around the route.

Distance  5.02km 

Terrain Flat, pavement and trail 

Start Cromford traffic lights… 

Finish Cromford wharf…

Simple out-and-back.  From the start at Cromford traffic lights, follow the road round to Cromford wharf and join the canal path. Run to High Peak Junction, cross the bridge and run the canal path all the way to the next bridge.  DO NOT cross this second bridge.  Simply turn round and follow your path back to Cromford wharf, re-crossing the bridge at High Peak Junction.  The segment finishes on the cobbled ramp.

This route was designed by Mark Crawshaw

Distance  6.90km 

Terrain Hilly, trails and fields 

Start/finish Start of Old Lane 

This route was designed by Rachel Hathaway

Because this route is quite complicated, the club will run this route as soon as light permits on a Wednesday club run and as a fartlek run on Monday 9th May.  Please also ask Rachel or another club member for help if you want to have a go at it.  Quite a few of us know this route now and we’d be more than willing to run it with you, just ask!

The GPX file should be able to be imported to your watch / phone and guide you around the route.

Distance  11.89km 

Terrain Trails, flat/undulating 

Any complete loop of Carsington (clockwise or anticlockwise, from any start point) will get you a time in the club league.   

It’s very common for WRC members to run a Carsington loop, so register your time using the submission form to make sure it counts.

  • Carsington loop (this segment is an example, any complete lap is eligible)

Distance  1.61km 

Terrain Flat, trail 

You can run any mile you like, on any course you like, the only rule is that there must not be a gradient advantage. 

You may wish to use our Team relay segment… 

Start/finish Gate onto the HPT at top of Black Rocks car park 

Simple out-and-back 1-mile segment. Starting from Black Rocks Car Park, head towards the Stone Centre. After 800m there is a bench on the right by the lower car park to the Stone centre, about 20 metres before the large metal hanging sign with animals on to the left.  The dead turn is at this bench. 

The WRC Team Relays will be held on Mondays June 20th and July 18th.  Your individual time here can count, though on this evening we will also be running for our teams.

Distance  4.99km 

Terrain Flat, trail 

Start/finish By the second factory building after the HPT crosses the path leading from Manystones Lane 

Simple out-and-back.  Turn round after 2.5km and keep going until your watch says ‘5km’.  I will give you the 5km time on your watch if Strava fails to pick up the segment. 

This segment was designed by Wirksworth’s Kate Watson and Peter Johnston. 


Dummy - leave as first item

Points =   Segments + Team relay points + Parkrun points

The club league finishes on Sunday 27th November 2022.

Parkrun points

Over the year there is an ongoing race for runners who compete in any of our ‘local’ parkruns:

  • Markeaton parkrun (97.5%)
  • Alvaston (99.5%)
  • Monsal Trail parkrun (97%)
  • Shipley Country parkrun (94%)
  • Long Eaton parkrun (100%)
  • Poolsbrook (99%)

The percentages in brackets are the factors that will be used to ‘even out’ the times.  So, for example, 30 minutes at Markeaton will actually count as 29 minutes 15 seconds (because 30 × 0.975 = 29.25).

The last qualifying parkrun will be Saturday 26th November 2022.  At this point, everyone’s best times will be used (along with their handicaps) to work out the points scored.

2023 club league winners

1. David Brassington
2. Steve Elliff
3. Lewis Glover

1. Helen Elliff and Kat Davey
2. Liz Abrams
3. Tanya Rountree

Past years


2014Ricky CurzonElaine Stone
2015John BirchNicky Rose
2016Dave SpencerElaine Stone
2017Chris GillottSteph Solomon
2018Bob KingEmma Wild
2019Stacy NewtonElaine Stone
2020Graham RobinsonElaine Stone
2021Dave SpencerChloe Gordon
2022Steve ElliffHelen Elliff

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