Club League

Here’s the fixtures and league table for 2018 WRC-Internal-League-2018-June 1

What the new League will look like!

  • Prizes: These will go to those placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd in both female & male categories
  • Handicaps:
  • (i) 5k & 5 m time trials throughout the year will be used to get a 5 m time
  • (ii) the handicaps will be recalculated in the middle of the year
  • (iii) if someone races before a TT, performances will be compared to 2 other runners and a 5 m handicap will be extrapolated
  • (iv) everyone’s handicap will be shown clearly on the ongoing spreadsheet linked to how it was obtained.
  • (v) handicaps for members racing for the first time will be arrived at by making a comparison with the performances of two other runners in that race.
  • Whitworth Thread Park Runs: best one to count; by a week or two before the AGM
  • Marshalling: a maximum of 3 lots of 15 points will be available for helping out at WRC races

The 2015/16 winners Elaine and Dave:

Here’s the league table for the season 2016/17: WRC-Internal-League-2018-Nov 10

Here’s the league table for the season 2016/17: WRC-Internal-League-2017-one race to go

Here’s the league table for the season 2015/16:wrc-201516-results

Here’s the league table for the season 2014/15:  WWRC-championship-fixtures-201415pchAug update

Here’s the final league table for the 2013/14 league: Final table 2013/14