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The plan for the 2021 club league is that it will kick off in the same way that our 2020 league finished, with segments being the way to amass points.  There are 10 segments this year.  You can also gain parkrun points by running the segments at any time whilst parkrun is cancelled.

The segments section will stay open until 30th June.  My expectation is that races will resume as 2021 unfolds and can then be included in the club league.

We will operate two one-mile relay races in the summer.

If we run our races, there will be volunteer points.

Club vest points are also available.

Lockdown level-playing-field warning

At the start of 2021, all club members will surely appreciate that there may well be times during 2021 when races are running and other times when they are not.  So, any points attained during windows of races, such as club vest points, will be guaranteed for those runners.

For example, we may end up in a situation where Runner A has already banked 30 club vest points but Runner B cannot because races are later in lockdown.  This might seem unfair, however everyone has the information now to foresee that something like this might occur and enter races whilst they can to avoid it.

Winning this year’s club league may be as much about grabbing race points and club vest points whilst they’re available as it is about running fast!

The club league finishes on Sunday 28th November 2021.

John Potter

Please note the 30th June deadline for the segments.

There are 10 Strava segments that will be official courses in the club league for 2021.  These courses may be run at any time from now until the end of June. You can run them whenever you like and as many times as you like to achieve your best time.  The 10 segments are:

Please email John Potter when you complete a segment with your time and a link to your effort on Strava if you have it.  Note that you do not have to be on Strava to take part in the club league.

The number of points available is the number of runners who have completed the segment.  So, for example, if 16 Wirksworth members run the segment, the winner gets 16 points, 2nd place gets 15, and so on down to 1 point.

Download the full rules here
Segment details are given in the Wirksworth running club league rules 2021 document.

The winner of each race gets 10 points*, 2nd place gets 9, and so on.

*If there are more than 10 runners in the race, the maximum number of points is increased to the number of runners.  So, for example, if 16 Wirksworth running club members run in a race, the winner gets 16 points, 2nd place gets 15, and so on down to 1 point.

It is unclear which races will be running in 2021 but we will try to include as many of the races that are usually automatically included in the league.  As soon as we know a race is actually happening, I will add it to the club league and inform all club members.

Your best 10 races will be used towards your total points.

Article 50

If five or more Wirksworth running club members all run in the same race, one of the members can write a report and use this plus a suitable photo to get this race added to the club league.  Note that the race must be at least 5.5km in distance.

Inclusion rule

No race will count for any points in the 2021 club league until a suitable photo and a report for that race appears on our website.  So, if you want points, somebody will need to email John Potter with a brief report and photo.

The ‘Handicaps 2021’ tab on the spreadsheet gives a list of all the Wirksworth running club members and their handicaps.  Due to the lack of racing in 2020, these have been calculated mainly from the one-mile relay races we did in the summer, with some allowance for runners’ best 2020 parkrun times.

My decision here was based on the fact that we had lots of us all running as hard as we could on the same course in the same conditions.  In addition many of us competed in both relays so our best time is a good indicator of our 2020 ability.

I appreciate it was only one race, not everybody was able to compete at their best on the day and it was only 1 mile.  So, I have made some manual adjustments in places based on your other runs.

To calculate your score for a given race, you take your time in seconds and multiply it by your handicap.  The lowest score wins.  You can see this in the ‘Calculator’ tab of the Wirksworth running club league rules 2021 spreadsheet.


  • Runner A has a handicap of 95 and runs a 10km race in 40:15, which is 2,415 seconds. Runner A’s score is 2,415 × 95 = 229,425
  • Runner B has a handicap of 85 and runs the same 10km race in 44:10 (2,650 seconds). Runner B’s score is 2,650 × 85 = 225,250

So, Runner B wins as he/she has the lowest score.

You can use this calculator yourself to work out who you’ve beaten and who’s beaten you.  Just fill in the bits in red and it will tell you who has won.

Team relay points
Following the massive success of our summer 1-mile relay races in 2020, the club will be hosting two Team Relay races in 2021:

  • Monday 21st June
  • Monday 19th July

The first of these occurs before 30th June, so your time will also count for the one-mile segment.

The points you gain at each race will be the same for every member of your team.  The points will depend on the number of teams but if there were 3 teams, the points would probably be something like:

  • 20 points for each member of the winning team
  • 15 points for each member of the team in 2nd place

10 points for each member of the team in 3rd place

Volunteer points
It’s unclear how many of our races we will be running in 2021.

Any Wirksworth running club member who volunteers to help for one of our 5 races receives maximum points for that race.  This will almost certainly be 10 points as we are unlikely to have enough runners to field more than 10 in a race that we’re organising!

Note that there is no cap on the number of races for volunteer points.  If you help out at all five of our races, the good you are doing for the club is immense and you fully deserve the points.

Club vest points
You can score 10 points for representing the club in:

  • a marathon or ultra
  • a half marathon
  • a 10km race
  • an away parkrun or 5km race (our ‘local’ parkruns do NOT count)

So, there are 40 points available here.  Listed races in the club league may NOT be used for club vest points.

To qualify for the 10 points, you must:

  • run in the club vest
  • run under ‘Wirksworth running club’, if this is possible
  • finish the race
  • email John Potter with a brief report and photo for the website.

Note that to score 10 points, it does NOT matter how fast you are, you just need to proudly represent the club and finish the race.

The distance of your race doesn’t need to be exact.  For example, you could use a 16-mile fell race for your half marathon club vest points.  If a fell race is particularly tough, it may still qualify you for more than the distance.  So, for example, a really tough 22 to 24-mile fell race may still count as your marathon club vest points.  Please just apply and the worst that can happen is that I say no!

Parkrun points
Over the year there is an ongoing race for runners who compete in any of our ‘local’ parkruns:

  • Markeaton parkrun (97.5%)
  • Whitworth Thread (98.5%)
  • Bakewell parkrun (99%)
  • Shipley Country parkrun (94%)
  • Long Eaton parkrun (100%)

The percentages in brackets are the factors that will be used to ‘even out’ the times.  So, for example, 30 minutes at Markeaton will actually count as 29 minutes 15 seconds (because 30 × 0.975 = 29.25).

The last qualifying parkrun will be Saturday 27th November 2021.  At this point, everyone’s best times will be used (along with their handicaps) to work out the points scored.

The winner gets 30 points, 2nd place gets 29, and so on.

Parkrun currently cancelled?

Whilst parkrun is cancelled, you can log times for the club league on the following segments:

Note the different percentage adjustments to the segments for Bakewell and Shipley, which allow for the segment being shorter than the official parkrun course.

Parkrun calculator
To see how your parkrun time compares to other parkruns, you can use the ‘Parkrun calculator’ tab of the Wirksworth running club league rules 2021 spreadsheet.  Just fill in the bits in red and it will tell you your score in the parkrun section of the club league and the equivalent times at the other local parkruns.


This runner, with a handicap of 80, has run 21:00 at Long Eaton parkrun.  This is the same standard as running 21:32 at Markeaton and would score the same number of points in the club league.

Monday night training
7 of the 10 segments will be featuring as part of our regular Monday night training.  A further 2 of the 10 segments, we will be familiarising ourselves with during a fartlek run.  Here are the details for planned Monday sessions:

Date Activity Details
4 January 2021 Club league segment Cromford TT
11 January 2021 Speed work 6*3 minutes
18 January 2021 Hill training Kenyan hills
25 January 2021 Speed work 2*8*200m
1 February 2021 Club league segment Kate’s canter
8 February 2021 Speed work 4*4 minutes
15 February 2021 Hill training 12*1 minute
22 February 2021 Speed work 400m tag-team
1 March 2021 Club league segment Cromford DIY parkrun
8 March 2021 Speed work 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 pyramid
15 March 2021 Hill training 4*(2,1,0.5) minutes
22 March 2021 Speed work 800m tag-team
29 March 2021 Club league segment Carsington loop
5 April 2021 Speed work 4*4 minutes
12 April 2021 Hill training Fartlek Incline triple whammy
19 April 2021 Speed work 2*8*200m
26 April 2021 Club league segment Carsington TT
3 May 2021 Speed work 6*3 minutes
10 May 2021 Hill training Fartlek Rachel’s Rocks
17 May 2021 Speed work 400m tag-team
24 May 2021 Club league segment Incline triple whammy
31 May 2021 Speed work 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 pyramid
7 June 2021 Hill training Fartlek Hill Start! Bell Curve
14 June 2021 Speed work 800m tag-team
21 June 2021 Club league 1-mile relay race
28 June 2021 Speed work 4*4 minutes

2021 club league

Download the full rules and spreadsheet here

Wirksworth running club league rules 2021 (updated June) document

Wirksworth running club league 2021 latest scores.  Updated 20th July.

2020 club league winners

Graham Robinson 160
Chris Hubbard 111
Zack Hubbard 94

Elaine Stone 193
Stef Brassington 191
Rachel Hathaway 131

Congratulations to Graham and Elaine!

Final scores:
Wirksworth running club league 2020

Past years


Year Men Women
2014 Ricky Curzon Elaine Stone
2015 John Birch Nicky Rose
2016 Dave Spencer Elaine Stone
2017 Chris Gillott Steph Solomon
2018 Bob King Emma Wild
2019 Stacy Newton Elaine Stone
2020 Graham Robinson Elaine Stone

Final spreadsheets