Club League



There are 21 races automatically included in the 2019 league.  These are listed on the “Races” tab in the spreadsheet, with dates if known.

Your race points will be based on your best 12 races of the 21.

The league finishes on Saturday November 30th.

Bonus races

If five or more Wirksworth running club members all run in the same race, one of the members can contact me  to get this race added to the club league.


The “Handicaps 2019” tab on the spreadsheet gives a list of all the Wirksworth running club members and their handicaps.  These have been calculated using the last three BDL races of 2018 and recent parkrun times.

The cells that are coloured are much more reliable handicaps as they are based on 3 or more races, whereas some of the other handicaps may change if they turn out to be unreliable.

Can’t see your handicap?

If you do not have a handicap by your name, please feel free to suggest one that you think is fair by using your current running ability relative to others.  Ideally, it would be nice if you could suggest a recent race that you have run to help me get you a handicap, especially one with another club member in it.  In the absence of suggestions, your early-season form will be used to set your handicap.


To calculate your score for a given race, you take your time in seconds and multiply it by your handicap.  The lowest score wins.  You can see this in the “Calculator” tab.


  • Runner A has a handicap of 95 and runs a 10km race in 40:15, which is 2,415 seconds.

Runner A’s score is 2,415 × 95 = 229,425

  • Runner B has a handicap of 85 and runs the same 10km race in 44:10 (2,650 seconds).

Runner B’s score is 2,650 × 85 = 225,250

So, Runner B wins as he/she has the lowest score.

If you like, you can use this calculator yourself to work out who you’ve beaten and who’s beaten you.  Just fill in the bits in red and it will tell you who has won.


Race points (10 each race*)

The winner of each race gets 10 points, 2nd place gets 9, and so on.

*If there are more than 10 runners in the race, the maximum number of points is increased to the number of runners.  So, for example, if 16 Wirksworth running club members run in a race, the winner gets 16 points, 2nd place gets 15, and so on down to 1 point.

Volunteer points (10 each race*)

Any Wirksworth running club member who volunteers to help for one of our 5 races receives maximum points for that race.  This will almost certainly be 10 points as we are unlikely to have enough runners to field more than 10 in a race that we’re organising!

Note that there is no cap on the number of races for volunteer points.  If you help out at all five of our races, the good you are doing for the club is immense and you fully deserve the 50 points*.

Parkrun points (30)

Over 2019, there will be an ongoing race for runners who compete in any of our “local” parkruns:

  • Markeaton parkrun (97.5%)
  • Whitworth thread (98.5%)
  • Bakewell parkrun (99%)
  • Long Eaton parkrun (100%)

The percentages in brackets are the factors that will be used to “even out” the times.  So, for example, 30 minutes at Markeaton will actually count as 29 minutes 15 seconds (because 30 × 0.975 = 29.25).

The last qualifying parkrun will be Saturday 30th November 2019.  At this point, everyone’s best times will be used (along with their handicaps) to work out the points scored.

The winner gets 30 points, 2nd place gets 29, and so on.

Club vest points (10 each race)

You can score 10 points for representing the club in:

  • a marathon or ultra
  • a half marathon
  • a 10km race
  • an away parkrun or 5km race (our “local” parkruns do NOT count)

So, there are 40 points available here.  To qualify for the 10 points, you must:

  • run in the club vest (and prove that you did so with a photo!)
  • run under “Wirksworth running club”, if this is possible
  • finish the race
  • email me to tell me what you’ve done (or I might not know!)

Note that to score 10 points, it does NOT matter how fast you are, you just need to proudly represent the club and finish the race.