About us

We are a friendly club based near Matlock in Wirksworth, Derbyshire which aims to provide running opportunities for all, encourage people to achieve their goals, whilst having fun and making new friends.  Take a look at our inspiration page for more info about what we get up to.

Our membership includes social runners through to competitive fell & road runners of all abilities and ages.

We have training sessions and club runs every week and organise 3 races throughout the year, and we also host the July Derby Runner / BDL race.

We are welcoming of prospective new members or simply anyone who is curious and wants to give us a try.

Club History

Wirksworth Running Club was set up in 2004 by a group of like minded friends who enjoyed running and wanted to set up a small friendly local club.

From the start the Club has set out to attract runners of all age groups and backgrounds who quite simply had a passion or interest in running whether to compete, get fit or simply to meet new people and make new friends.

The first meeting was held on Wednesday 29th September 2004 where over 30 runners turned up ranging from 13 to 55 years old! The Club has gone on from strength to strength since then.

Become a member

There are no conditions imposed on membership. All we want is for people to come along and enjoy the freedom of running – whether that means 2 miles, 10 miles or 20 + miles. If you have never run before you are just as welcome as a seasoned runner.  Find out more about membership.

Our Committee

  • Honorary President: Mike Briggs
  • Chairman: Simon Edwards
  • Secretary: Graham Robinson
  • Treasurer: Steve Elliff
  • Team Captain: Lewis Glover
  • Club League Officer: Helen Elliff
  • Training Officer: John Potter
  • Club kit: Liz Abrahams
  • Website: John Hobson

With thanks To Brian Clements for the race graphics.