TODV 4: Rowsley. 4 miles. 700 feet ascent. 28 May 2018.

The results from this morning’s final race in David Denton’s Tour of Derwent Valley series were as follows:- 26th Dave Spencer 30:05; 42nd John Birch 32:05; 59th Eva Moncaster 36:33; 78 runners. Dave Spencer was also 2nd M55 in the series.

TODV 2: Wirksworth Moor. 4.33 miles. 26 May 2018.

The results from this afternoon’s second race in the series were as follows:- 16th Chris Gillott 30:18; 21st Dave Spencer 30:51; 37th John Birch 33:48; 43rd Peter Hague 34:52; 55th Eva Moncaster 36:38; 71 runners.