Annual Bursary Scheme

Wirksworth Running Club has a Bursary Scheme that is funded through the proceeds from the Stuart Learmouth Undulator Race.

We always encourage as many people to apply. The main criteria is very much the aim of inspiring others, but please remember that people are just as inspired by someone who completes their first 5km park-run as by someone taking on an ultra distance event.

We have had a wide variety of successful awards over the years which have included:
  • Entry fee to Half Marathon and contribution to new shoes;
  • Entry into the Tour of the Derwent Valley and the cost of a WRC shirt and new shoes;
  • Support to get navigation training – to help with confidence for off road running;
  • Entry fee to London Marathon/contribution to new trainers;
  • To run the Derbyshire Portway (45 miles) from Stapleford to Castleton – over 2 days – camping out;
  • Entry into an ultra marathon;
  • A specially commissioned piece of art work commemorating Stuart Learmouth;
  • Technique Coaching;
  • Children’s Medals for participating in a running event;
  • Entry into the Lakeland Challenge;
  • Entry into the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

As long as you are a paid-up member of the club at the time of application, and were not awarded a bursary in the previous year, you are very welcome to apply.

1. Purpose

To benefit an individual(s) to further their achievements/ participation in running and/ or its promotion to others in/around Wirksworth and the Derbyshire Dales – with the aim of inspiring others in the field of running.

2. Value

The value of the bursary will be decided annually by the Committee, based on proceeds of the annual Wirksworth Undulator – Stuart Learmouth Memorial Fell Race.

3. Process

Award to be decided by a sub-group of up to 3 volunteer members, independent of the Wirksworth Running Club Committee, based on written application.

4. Timing

  • Closing date – End February 2021
  • Judge and confirm entries – March 2021
  • Announce – End March 2021
  • Appoint new Bursary sub-group – November 2021 AGM

If an award is not able to be decided by the sub-group, the WRC Committee will draw eligible applications at random. If insufficient entries, the award may be carried over.

5. Criteria

Open to paid-up members only at time of application.

Successful applications:-

  • Must have a clear relation to running eg. to support race entry costs
  • Must inspire others.
  • Must be used to allow the runner to exceed previous achievements eg to allow first Marathon entry or to a new class of event, or to provide kit for a new starter.
  • May be used to subsidise travel/accommodation/equipment, but only as a supplement once race entry costs have been paid for through the bursary.

Priority will be given to those which

  • Are in some way unique and have potential for publicity for the club and its objectives
  • are able to draw in additional funds to maximise the benefit of the award.

Spend needs to be evidenced by the winning candidate and a written record/ press article/ presentation returned to the Committee at the next AGM, as part of the condition of accepting the award.

No more than one award can be received by an individual in 2 successive years. Preference will generally be shown to one who has not received an award previously.

6. Application

Applicants will be invited simply to write or e-mail the Bursary Committee outlining, in relation to the criteria in item 5, and on no more than a single sheet:-

  • The proposed activity/ project?
  • Total costs and what financial contribution you are applying for?
  • The reason why you want to do this?
  • How it will inspire runners in and around Wirksworth and the Derbyshire Dales?

The winning award(s) will be paid to the successful applicant(s) and notified to all members by the end of March.

7. Sustainability

The successful candidate will be invited, in the year following the award, to stand on the Bursary Committee to replace a previous member.

Bursary Stories

Inspiration from some our previous bursary recipients.

Elaine’s story of Bursary-inspired ‘bounce-backability’

Elaine’s story of Bursary-inspired ‘bounce-backability’

In 2017 after a disastrous marathon experience, I said ‘never again’ to another. The last two years have been a struggle trying to gain back some of my previous running form and constantly comparing my performance to where I used to be and where I currently was. This...

Bollards, cartoon characters and whether she is now a runner…

Bollards, cartoon characters and whether she is now a runner… Tanya Rountree aged 49 & 3/4 After an early breakfast with other runners eating silently porridge, bananas etc. I headed off at 7am on my great adventure. First to London Bridge on the need to worry there were signs everywhere, more free bananas...

Bursary funded help for knees

Bursary funded help for knees

About a year ago I started getting problems with my knees. After talking to people at the club I decided to go to see the physio at Run Forest. He gave me advice on changes I should make to my running style to reduce the impact on my knees along with exercises to help...