This lockdown situation is tough to take for all runners with races being cancelled left, right and centre and no events to now train for.  But for Bob King, the timing was diabolical because Bob had been training extremely hard for a sub-40 10km at Derby on 29th March and was well on target to achieve this when the race was cancelled in the preceding week.  But Bob is a fighter and, after a tiny bit of moping around with his ukulele, he’s back out there, hammering segments in the revised-format club league. Bob has run fantastic times on our Tunnels and Trails course and Emma Roberts’ already-famous Hill Start! Bell Curve course.  Graham Robinson is leading the latter course in the club league, whilst club league organiser John Potter is lucky to even be on the leaderboard, having managed to mess up the directions twice!

How fast can you run Rachel’s Rocks?

Another runner who isn’t going to have her running compromised by current events, Rachel Hathaway has been scattering herself across the club league’s segments with points now registered on Barrell Edge Solo RaceHill Start! Bell Curve and her own challenge Rachel’s rocks.

James Watson has designed and run the Kirk Ireton Quarantine half marathon whilst Zack Hubbard is currently the runner to beat on Mark Crawshaw’s DIY Cromford parkun.

Well done to all of our runners!  Brian Clements leads the way in the current standings.

Why not have a go at these segments or any of the other segments that our club members have set up?
Details of how the club league is operating during the lockdown can be found here on our website