14 of Wirksworth Running Club’s members have now set an official time for the Tunnels and Trails segment in our handicap club league.  Five of our members were out on Wednesday, showing off the club’s continued social distancing and determination to keep running well during lockdown.

Bob King is our fastest runner at the moment (41:49) but current standings in the handicap league for this segment are:

Elaine Stone (46:54) 14 points
Zack Hubbard (51:40) 13 points
Chris Gillott (42:57) 12 points
Chris Hubbard (53:39) 11 points
Sarah Chamberlain (55:53) 10 points
Graham Robinson (46:41) 9 points
James Watson (46:38) 8 points
Bob King (41:49) 7 points
Brian Clements (53:25) 6 points
Dave Spencer (45:17) 5 points
John Potter (42:39) 4 points
Adam Leighton (57:27) 3 points
Mark Crawshaw (53:44) 2 points
Kate Watson (1:09:45) 1 point

Elaine Stone is running absolutely brilliantly at the moment.  She recently smashed through the 1-hour barrier on our Carsington loop segment with 57:45.

Why not have a go at the Tunnels and Trails segment and get on the leaderboard?  Or have a go at one of the other segments that our club members have set up.  Details of how the club league is operating during the lockdown can be found here on our website