Elaine has now run 7 segments in the 2020 club league and is within striking distance of league leader, Rachel Hathaway.

Adam Leighton and Elaine Stone this weekend became Wirksworth Running Club’s first two runners to record a time on our Undulator race, which forms part of the club’s handicap league.  Neither runner managed to record the exact segment due to a wrong turn here and there but club league organiser John Potter judged both of their efforts more than worthy to score points.  Elaine went round in 1:25:06 to take the lead on this segment, whilst Adam completed it in 1:26:24 – well done both!

Current overall standings in our club league are:

Men’s competition
Graham Robinson 57
Chris Hubbard 37
Zack Hubbard / Bob King 36

Women’s competition
Rachel Hathaway 51
Elaine Stone 47
Sarah Chamberlain 41

Why not have a go at this segment and get on the leaderboard?  Or have a go at one of the other segments that our club members have set up.  Details of how the club league is opearting during lockdown and the latest club league points can be found here on our website.  The latest race to be added to the club league is one loop of Carsington water, which may be completed clockwise or anti-clockwise from any starting point.  One nice way to do it is anti-clockwise from the Sheepwash car park.