Leading the WRC handicap league in the men’s competition, is Graham Robinson, sporting a hairstyle and beard that will come to be known as ‘The Lockdown’.  Despite already having 5 points and a good time on the Rachel’s rocks* segment, Graham went out yesterday and ran it even faster, stealing a point off author Rachel in the process!

Rachel – the creator of Rachel’s Rocks

Current standings on the Rachel’s rocks* segment:

Graham Robinson (33:04) 6 points
Rachel Hathaway (46:36) 5 points
Bob King (31:33) 4 points
Zack Hubbard (43:29) 3 points
Emma Roberts (58:24) 2 points
Oliver Pratten (58:24) 1 point

Graham (39 points) and Rachel (45 points) lead the way in the men’s and women’s competitions overall.

Why not have a go at this segment or any of the other segments that our club members have set up?
Details of how the club league is operating during the lockdown can be found here on our website

* this race has R’s rocks as an alternative segment, hopefully Strava will pick up one of them from your run.