Stef Brassington continued her impressive comeback from giving birth this week on Kate’s canter, a 5km segment in the WRC club league which she ran in 22:42.  Only 3 runners have completed the segment but Stef has taken top spot for now, and these 3 points have seen her take the lead in the women’s competition for the first time this year.  Current standings:

Stef Brassington 137 points
Elaine Stone 134
Rachel Hathaway 125

Impressed with how quickly Stef has managed to get running again after giving birth to Allana, the club asked her to write up what it’s been like for her.  Stef writes:

Stef frequently pushes Allana in the buggy when she runs

When I got pregnant I presumed I’d be one of those women still doing races with a ginormous bump. Unfortunately that didn’t quite work out and in October 2018, at 10 weeks pregnant, I hung up my running shoes. I couldn’t wait to get back out running once baby arrived but near my due date she got very unwell and one emergency C-section later meant my running shoes would have to stay sidelined for another 3 months at least. Running had always helped my mental health so adjusting to life with a newborn, and not having running, meant that I really struggled those 3 months.

But September 2019, I got my running shoes back on and started C25K (just too ensure that I didn’t push myself too soon.) It felt great to be back out there and I soon started to feel like me again. And then, March 1st 2020, I started buggy running and from the very first run, I loved it. It’s a great way to incorporate strength training into your running and the best thing, you get to do it with your little one. Allana and I go running at least once every week now (I think she prefers going faster with her dad though).

Laura Jones joined Wirksworth running club this year and has done all of her best running 2 years after giving birth

Because of buggy running, I have become a much better runner. This year I have set new PBs over a mile, 5K and 10K, most recently setting a new 5K PB of 23:17 on the Kate’s Kanter segment of the club league, a fantastic out and back, nearly completely flat 5k along the High Peak Trail from Harboro Rocks.

So to anyone out there who is worried about returning to running after a baby (or surgery, I guess), it’s achievable and you might even return stronger than ever before. And anyone with young children, get a running buggy! It’s a fantastic way to get out there, enjoy your runs, spend time with your kids and improve your running… Mums and Dads.

Eva Moncaster with partner Alex and their two children at Markeaton parkrun in 2018 with some other WRC members – Eva has just run the parkrun in 28:10 with a double buggy!

Stef is not the only running Mum to inspire us all.  Eva Moncaster has been seen pushing her two young children round the Markeaton parkrun course in a double buggy(!), whilst Laura Jones has this year taken her 5km PB down over 3 minutes from 31:14 to 27:50, perhaps thanks to the training she has done pushing daughter Jennifer on some of her runs.