Kate Watson today got the latest segment in the club league Kate’s canter off to a good start today with a PB of 24:45.  Kate recently created the 5km segment with the help of Peter Johnston.

Men’s competition leader Graham Robinson has now completed all the segments in the club league except for Kate’s canter.  The women’s race remains close, with Elaine Stone yesterday leap-frogging Rachel Hathaway back into the lead – to rub salt into the wound, she did on Rachel’s own segment, the tough yet really beautiful Rachel’s Rocks.  Both Elaine and Rachel have more segments to tick off, this race is going to the wire!

Current club league standings:

Graham Robinson 125 points
Chris Hubbard 95 points
Zack Hubbard 78 points

Elaine Stone 125 points
Rachel Hathaway 119 points
Stef Brassington 91 points

Why not have a go at the Kate’s canter and get on the leaderboard?  Or have a go at one of the other segments that our club members have set up.  Details of how the club league is operating during this time of social distancing can be found here on our website