Wirksworth Running Club’s handicap club league is really up and running now with many of our members attempting the segments that we’ve all been creating.  One segment that delivers some of the best views in Wirksworth (though you have to work hard to get up there and see them!) is Emma Robert’s Hill Start! Bell Curve.  Graham Robinson leads the way on this segment.  Graham has been quietly ticking off the segments and now leads the men’s competition.  Rachel Hathaway will be hard to beat in the women’s race.  Her 42:44 is an astonishingly good time!  Rachel is leading the women’s competition overall, catch her if you can!  Bob King is the current course record holder – Bob’s 30:33 is a tough one to beat but it might be something for some of our faster runners to aspire to?

Graham Robinson (33:00) 6 points
Rachel Hathaway (42:44) 5 points
Bob King (30:33) 4 points
John Hobson (32:13) 3 points (pictured looking fresh after one of his recent runs)
John Potter (31:04) 2 points
Emma Roberts (46:48) 1 point

Why not have a go at this segment and get on the leaderboard?  Or have a go at one of the other segments that our club members have set up.
Details of how the club league is operating during the lockdown can be found here on our website