The first ever Wirksworth Running Club Summer Sports Day was held on June 15th, 2019 at the Moorways Stadium in Derby.  An amazing time was had by all as we split off into 3 teams and raced each other.  The events were 3,000m, 200m team relay, 800m heats, 1,500m, 400m team relay, 800m final, 100m team relay.  All the runners had handicaps, so all the individual races were very close and the team relays were extremely close and great fun!

The White Team won it with 416 points, so congratulations to Jackie Ludlum, Hannah Leighton, Adam Leighton, Leonard Foulk and Bob King.  Hannah also won the 3,000m and the 800m final!

The Blue Team weren’t far behind with 398 points, so well done to Jo Butt, Mark Crawshaw, Tanya Rountree, Nicky Rose and Andy Rose.  Jo Butt and Tanya won their 800m heats!

Although the Red Team finished last on 354 points, they did win the final event, the 100m relay, so well done to Laura Jones (pushing Jennifer Potter in Lane 3), John Potter, James Watson, Jo Watson and Emma Roberts.  Jo Watson won the 1,500m!

Simon Edwards and Dave Spencer are both ccoming back from injury at the moment, so kindly took on much needed organisational roles for us – massive thank you to them!  Hannah Leighton took the team photo and therefore isn’t in it – thank you Hannah!

Aside from being great fun, everyone ran really well, this was worth two Monday night training sessions, so expect to see some great results from these runners in the coming weeks.

We hope this will become a regular event each year and so we hope to see many more of you at next year’s event!