Sunday morning just gone saw over 2,000 runners assemble in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield for the Round Sheffield Run, a multi-stage trail race around the parks and trails of the Steel City.
The race consists of 11 timed stages of varying length, terrain and elevation, with 9 ‘link-up’ sections, inbetween which offer the runner a very welcome opportunity to walk/jog/have a chat/snack and generally recover before the next stage begins.
Two of the stages (Stage 2, the King of the Mountain and Stage 11, the sprint finish back into Endcliffe Park) have their own prizes.
A total of around 14.7 miles is covered with around 11.8 miles making up the timed stages and the race can be run solo, as a pair, or as a team. It’s a format that works really well and the whole event is brilliantly organised and hugely enjoyable. On top of all this, the finisher’s medal (already attractive in it’s own right) also doubles as a bottle opener. Bonus!
Four Wirksworth runners gave it a go…
103rd – Bob King – 1:24:24
1,573rd – Tanya Rountree – 2:19:10
1,629th (153rd F pair) Jo Butt & Rachel Hathaway – 2:20:53
There were 2,057 finishers.