There were a few mince pies that needed running off this week, so three WRC members headed to Markeaton, where the mighty ‘Gravel rash mountain’ is guaranteed to add 200 calories to your daily allowance.  ‘When will Sarah Chamberlain turn up to parkrun and not get a course PB?’ seems to be the question of the moment…  Sarah’s 27:34 was 17 seconds faster than her previous best there.  By his own admission, Adam Leighton was “feeling the Christmas indulgence” with his 22:44, whilst Peter Johnston went round steadily in 25:41.

Mark Crawshaw ran 20:30 at Bakewell for the second time in just 4 days.  Mark has now run 18 times at Bakewell, the vast majority of them being in 2019!

On the road, John Potter (pictured with family) stuck in a solid 18:20 at Northampton, a pretty flat and easy course.  Ceri Stewart ran 20:45 at the Newborough Forest parkrun in Wales.