Report by Brian Clements (pictured)
Eight WRC members, runners and walkers attempted the Nine Edge Challenge Race on Saturday 14th September. A glorious morning in the Peaks greeted the competitors for the 10am start from the Ladybower reservoir dam wall. (Walkers were allowed to start their journeys at 8am). The race takes you up onto the first Edge – Derwent; followed by Stanage, Burbage North and South, Froggatt, Curbar, Baslow, Gardoms and Birchen. It’s a fabulous race with great views of the Peak District, if you dare to look – take your eyes off the gritstone path that you’re trying to navigate along and you can quiet easily tip yourself over (Emma Wild). The finish, 20 odd miles later at the Robin Hood pub, is a welcome sight, where you can parade around in your well earned T shirt with a beer in hand. This race could not be more highly recommend to those who are up for a gritty stone challenge. WRC results…
Stephen Woolscroft 3:58:15
Steph Solomon 4:07:38
Eva Taylor 4:07:58
Emma Wild 4:09:58
Deborah Woolscroft 4:13:36
Brian Clements 4:14:31
Clare Eardley 4:35:13
Sandy Grimes 5:42:57 (walker/runner)