A misty day dawned for February’s edition of the monthly Cake Run. After some logistical delays involving lost members of the group, we headed away from Hartington over the hills towards Pilsbury.

The views were likely spectacular, although we couldn’t really see very far thanks to the mist!

We climbed the slippery slopes of Pilsbury Castle, finally enjoying some views over the valley with the mist slightly lifted.

Crossing the River Dove, we splashed our way through a few very muddy fields and struggled uphill. The mud only got worse, as we seemed to spend the next few miles swimming through a bog! This resulted in some very wet feet!

Once back in Hartington, we gave ourselves a quick rinse in the duck pond on the village green to make ourselves presentable for tea and cake! We drew a few intrigued stares from passers-by – probably jealous of the lovely 14km run we’d just enjoyed!

We ended our run with the usual round of tasty cakes, this month in Hartington Farm Shop and Cafe.

Next month, we’ll be running in Hathersage on Saturday 16th March.