Report by Elaine Stone

Four fast flowing river crossings and 2 lake wades were what lay in store for our tough WRC runners at today’s Chaddesden Park BDL.  Well, that may be a slight exaggeration but there was certainly, unsurprisingly, a lot of water about.  Seven men and 3 ladies made up the team and there were some very strong finishes from the Sleath brothers.  Thanks to everyone for turning out to brave the chilly temperatures although It turned out to be perfect running weather and a lovely sunny day. Thanks also to our WRC supporters who almost outnumbered the actual runners!

WRC results

6th Sleath, Chris 27:07

9th Sleath, Daniel 27:36

60th King, Bob 31:39

83rd Newton, Stacy 33:10

172nd Leighton, Adam 37:23

174th Stone, Elaine 37:28

175th Watson, James 37:31

202nd Clements, Brian 39:27

270th Ward, Nikki 45:50

277th Leighton, Hannah 47:06