Report by Brian Clements

Scorchio!  Madness!  I’m talking about the state of my mind not the band.  And I’m not alone – eight other Wirksworth Runners suffer from the same condition, some with acute symptoms, aka Dave Spencer and Mark Crawshaw with their cycle-run-cycle approach.  A quote from John Birch (MAC) sums it up – “you lot always have to do things differently!”

With the evening temperature still at Scorchio levels, 160 hardy runners all set off to tackle the 4.45 mile course,starting from the Olde Gate Inne.  It was a challenging course considering the conditions (did I mention it was hot?) but a well organised event thanks to our own Elaine Stone and Alun Jones.  Talking of our own, we are negotiating life-long Wirksworth Running Club contracts to Chris Sleath and Dan Sleath who finished 2nd (32.11) and 4th (32.34) respectively.  MAC keep your hands off – we’ve done the Bob King Wirksworth DNA test on them and they belong to us!

All the WRC die-hards did fabulously, especially considering just how HOT it was!  WRC times…

Chris Sleath 32:11

Dan Sleath 32:34

Mark Crawshaw 37.22

Bob King 38.02

Lewis Glover 40.32

Dave Spencer 40.38

Chris Gillott 41.38

Brian Clements 51.14

Rachel Hathaway 61.01