Results from the BDL Summer League race (5 miles) were as follows:- 35th Paul Christmas 30:47; 50th Peter Johnson 32:03; 64th Andy Rose 32:44; 79th Martin Dowson 33:27; 86th David Spencer 33:34; 89th John Birch 33:43; 106th Sandy Grimes 34:08; 120th Eva Taylor 35:20; 147th Rob Eadon 35:45; 148th Jon Hickinbotham 36:46; 167th Ricky Curzon 37:48; 244th Nicky Ward 43:18; 264th Emma Hagger 45:07; 292 finishers.
Check out the Club League ‘tab’ to see how the ‘handicapping’ system is working. Athletes surpassing their handicap in this race include Emma; Peter and Ricky.