Report by Elaine Stone

It was a warm evening for the final Summer BDL race at Shipley Park and fortunately the thunderstorms that had been forecast never appeared. Jenny, waiting at the market place with her WRC kit on, munching on a sandwich, stopped me panicking any further about a full team as we now had one! Jenny had gone from thinking she had turned up for a nice evening amble somewhere to discovering every second of her run counted – no pressure!  We had a fine looking team of 10 men and 3 ladies as you can see from the photo.

WRC positions and times:

45 Sleath, Chris 32:10

48 Sleath, Daniel 32:23

80 Newton, Stacy 34:05

100 Gillott, Chris 35:01

114 Spencer, Dave 35:41

117 Glover , Lewis 35:45

128 Edwards, Simon 36:24

172 Johnston, Peter 38:46

202 Stone, Elaine 40:30

230 Clements, Brian41:26

281 Godfrey, Jenny45:07

322 Foulk, Leonard 48:49

344 Butt, Jo 52:28

The run was followed by the presentations for the Winter xc league. Well done to Paul for winning the 1st MV45, Mark for 3rd MV50 and Simon for 3rd MV55.

Great running by everyone and thanks to all who turned out at some point to represent the club during the Winter xc and the Summer season 2019.

Dates for the Winter xc races will be available very soon so as you can get them in your diaries!