Previous awards

2016 Elaine Stone

I was chosen for part of the bursary award 2016 as my running goal was to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks fell race (23.3 miles 5279 feet). It had been an ambition of mine since happening upon the race some 15 years ago whilst tackling the walk of the same name. I completed the race in five hours and 10 minutes just ahead of the cut-off times. It was the hardest race I’ve ever been part of, but hugely rewarding to get to the end. The bursary funding that I received paid for a new pair of inov8 shoes to run in. It is because of the running club that I’ve been able to realise this ambition. I started out by being able to run just a few miles on the road but with regular training thanks to Paul’s Monday night sessions as well as the introduction of John’s club championship league which got me into the local fell races I can now run a ‘mountain marathon’! I hope this inspires others to set goals as anything is achievable if you set your mind to it.

2014 Peter Johnston

Peter’s aim was to inspire his pupils at Kirk Ireton Primary School to have a go at running.  The bursary was split into supporting Pete’s effort at the Berlin marathon and buying medals for the children for completing ‘marathon in a month’.  After the project many of the youngsters took part in the Tunnels and Trails race.


2013 Nicky Ward’s Undulator collage

undulator pic at bower wirks

The Undulator Collage, with artist Nicky Ward at her gallery, The Bower Wirks


WRC members gather to celebrate unveiling of artwork to the leisure centre

WRC members gather to celebrate unveiling of artwork to the leisure centre

Inspirational Stories

Here are a couple of exciting stories written by the members that might inspire you to apply for the bursary:

Entering a Marathon!
Nicky and I joined the Club within a few months of each other and after taking part in one or two smaller events decided we needed a challenge, so in a position of only a few months epxerience we decided to enter a marathon – and settled on Dublin. After devising a training plan and spending many hours in all sorts of weather on the high peak trail we finally got on plane to Dublin. It was brilliant experience, amazing crowds and we even got a discount on our evening meal just by wearing our medals! Certainly lived up to its reputation of the friendliest marathon.




The Dragons Back Race

The original Dragon’s Back Race  happened just once in September 1992. The route follows the mountainous spine of Wales from Conwy Castle on the North coast to Carreg Cennen Castle near the South coast. The 5-day journey is approximately 320 kilometres long with 17,000 metres of ascent across wild, trackless, remote mountainous terrain.

The week itself was a tough but incredible adventure. Day one included all of the Welsh 3000ft mountains, no mean feat in its own right and a guaranteed way to empty the legs and split the field early. This was followed by 4 very long days on the hill, with remote camp sites, rough terrain and total immersion in the best scenery Wales has to offer. Surprisingly we were fed vegetarian food all week which turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. As a bit of a carnivore I had been worried but experienced no dips in energy levels and the food was tasty, settling and easy to digest after 14 hours on the hill. I didn’t miss meat once and actually now prefer veggie sausages!
My feet took a bit of a hammering but the pre event and then continuous foot care I did prevented them from causing any real problems.
Training for such an event is difficult in one sense as you could never replicate such long duration and distances, but it made it simple in another aspect as it came down to consistency. Training in whatever weather, mood or situation I found myself in. I just had to get out and do it, day after day, and before I knew it a few  months had passed and what used to be a ‘big session’ became normal, allowing me to go further and for longer. I just stuck at it and things become more and more achievable.
An event of such length became far more than just a big physical effort, I found it to be a real test of character and mental endurance. The sheer scale of the mountains and fells that can be found on our door step was breathtaking, and is certainly now one of the biggest draws to events like the Dragon. So to the next adventure….