If you haven’t done so already, here is a bit of a prompt to make a resolution for 2017.
As in recent years, there is a bursary available again this year, to help fund members to achieve something special.
There is over £500 allocated that could fund either one, or be split across several, successful applications.
The club would love to be able to make your year by offering a little financial assistance – all you need to do is apply…!

So we ask EVERY member to send us their idea.
It could be as small upgrading some kit, to entering THAT special race or series – or something broader like investing in a personal training programme, or how about publishing a Running in Wirksworth book! They will all be considered.
Just send a few lines on an e-mail, explaining the idea and the approximate cost to the Bursary Committee, through Martin (martin.dowson@btinternet.com)

The club already has races to donate to charities – this is an opportunity to reward our own members for doing something that pushes them or inspires other!

You have until the end of February, to get your proposal in- but why not do it NOW!
Good luck. The winner(s) will be announced at the end of March.

In the spirit of our club’s objects, an annual Bursary award was established in 2013 to help runners realise and further their running potential –  and to promote their achievements in and around Wirksworth.

Every year Wirksworth Running Club would like to encourage its members take their running experience to the next level and inspire others. If you are looking for new goals this season, maybe your first marathon or triathlon, you can apply for a bursary which will help towards your entry fee or cost of transport.

Ideas might be big or small, and the bursary might be shared with other applicants if there are several good ideas proposed.  This is a chance to make a resolution to realise something truly inspirational this year.

All members need to do is put a few words down on paper explaining your proposal and get this to  this year’s ‘Bursary Committee’ before the end of February. Proposals should inspire others to run and help promote the club.

So get planning and let us know how we can help! Have a chat with any of us
on training nights if you have anything in mind.

To find out how to apply please follow the link below:

WRC Annual Bursary Scheme details