Competing in the shorter of the three courses of the Silva Great Lakeland 3 Day race this weekend (laughingly called ‘Cafe’ class as if 20km per day with 4000ft of climb for three days up and down the summits of lakeland mountains is somehow a reasonable alternative to a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake) Eva and Sandy took third and fourth place in an hour and twenty minutes faster than the next runner over the three days.

3rd Eva Taylor F 05:00:54 (2) 04:58:12 (6) 04:07:34 (11) 14:06:40
4th Sandy Grimes FV 05:00:55 (3) 04:58:13 (7) 04:07:40 (12) 14:06:48

44 finshers, another 61 did just one or two of the three days.