BDL XC Trent Meadows 21 Jan 2018

Results from last weekend’s BDL X-country in the freezing Trent Meadows where Harry secured the championship for the season and Emma took third in her category;
1st 30:23 Holmes, Harry,
26th 34:58 Johnston, John,
35th 36:24 Richards-Jones, Alun,
61st 38:29 Crawshaw, Mark,
66th 38:39 King, Bob,
116th 42:15 Edwards, Simon,
131st 43:03 Wild, Emma,
192nd 47:36 Wooliscroft, Debbie,
207th 48:30 Calvert, Ruth,
212th 49:06 Acharya, Lila,
217th 49:39 Clements, Brian.

WRC Internal League dates published

Races for this years league are published at the Club league page

The Ramathon and Derby 10k races that were popular last year are still in and there are two or three additions this year.  A return of the local Riber Run and a first year for the Lea Bunny Run 10k as well as a first year for the 16 mile Exterminator fell race.  If you know any races that several people are planning to race in you’re welcome to suggest them for inclusion.

Handicaps will be calculated once I’m initiated into the secrets of those dark arts.

BDL X-C 3: Bakewell. 3 December 2017. 4.7 miles.

The results from Sunday’s BDL race were as follows:- 1st Harry Holmes 28:16; 39th Paul Christmas 34:21; 59th Bob King 36:06; 62nd Mark Crawshaw 36:26; 80th Simon Edwards 37:14; 121st Emma Wild 39:49; 128th Peter Johnston 40:28; 145th Tiffany
Lovelock 42:01; 171st Elaine Stone 44:16; 179th Lila Acharya 45:09; 192nd Brian Clements 46:36; 199th Steph Solomon 47:33; 210th Leonard Foulk 49:57; 231 runners.

BDL X-C 2: Chaddesden Park. 12 November 2017. 4.4 miles.

Results from Sunday’s BDL race were as follows:- 2nd Harry Holmes 24:35; 53rd Alun Richards-Jones 29:04; 58th Paul Christmas 29:20; 74th Andy Shaw 29:56; 85th Bob King 30:34; 92nd Mark Crawshaw 30:58; 108th Simon Edwards 31:32:127th Emma Wild 32:54; 128th Chris Gillott 32:56; 136th Peter Johnston 33:14; 211th Debbie Wooliscroft 37:11; 213th Julia Buxton 37:28; 227th Alex Clemmitt 38:05; 246th Brian Clements 39:31; 260th Steph Solomon 40:32; 290th Rachel Hathaway 44:08; 297th Leonard Foulk 44:49; 320 runners.

Stuart Learmouth Undulator. 22 October 2017. 8.4 miles, 1260 feet of ascent.

The results of WRC members from Sunday’s SLU were as follows:- 1st Harry Holmes 57:45; 19th Alun Richards-Jones 1:07:42; 24th James Lurati 1:11:33; 36th Bob King 1:14:39; 38th Jacqui Hawkins 1:14:52 (2nd lady); 90th Chris Gillott 1:24:30; 110th Ceri Stewart 1:28:44; 115th Julia Buxton 1:30:45; 129th Davina Harrison 1:35:45; 145th Richard Pegram 1:42:36; 162 runners.

Stuart Learmouth Undulator 22 Oct 2017

Results for this year’s Stuart Learmouth Undulator are posted on the race page here.  A fantastic turn-out of 162 in hard conditions, almost 10% of whom came from Wilmslow along with big groups also from Beeston and Long Eaton and visitors from Rossendale.  Congratulations to Harry Holmes on his second win in a row and Billy and Ben Cartwright for racing and finishing together in second/third. The women’s title looked a competitive race, the three first finishers battling it out from at least Hopton where I saw them together, to the finish with eventually Catherin Wilson of Beeston pipping Wirksworth’s Jacqui Hawkins (pictured at Harboro rocks) and Belper’s Ruth Keeley.

jacqui undulator

BDL X-C 1: Shipley Park. 1 October 2017. 5 miles.

The results from last Sunday’s opening fixture in the BDL x-c league were as follows:- 1st Harry Holmes 29:40; 47th Alun Richards-Jones 35:40; 74th Bob King 37:48; 79th Andy Shaw 37:57; 82nd Paul Christmas 38:14; 119th Mark Crawshaw 40:14; 128th Simon Edwards 40:45; 134th Emma Wild 41:07 (2nd F40); 136th Peter Johnston 41:10; 197th Chris Gillott 45:59; 201st Elaine Stone 46:20; 209th Deborah Wooliscroft 47:09; 224th Alex Clemmitt 48:03; 246th Brian Clements 50:19; 310 runners.