BDL XC Trent Meadows 21 Jan 2018

Results from last weekend’s BDL X-country in the freezing Trent Meadows where Harry secured the championship for the season and Emma took third in her category;
1st 30:23 Holmes, Harry,
26th 34:58 Johnston, John,
35th 36:24 Richards-Jones, Alun,
61st 38:29 Crawshaw, Mark,
66th 38:39 King, Bob,
116th 42:15 Edwards, Simon,
131st 43:03 Wild, Emma,
192nd 47:36 Wooliscroft, Debbie,
207th 48:30 Calvert, Ruth,
212th 49:06 Acharya, Lila,
217th 49:39 Clements, Brian.